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The Oil Mill DEORTEGAS, is a young and dynamic family business producing exceptional olive oil. Located in

Yecla ( Murcia) Spain.

Our drive for the highest quality begins with the careful pruning of our olive trees. All our efforts are

directed towards a natural and harmonious growth of our trees and their fruits so that they develop well

and reach the final production stage properly mature.


Organic extra-pure olive-oil DEORTEGAS, is olive-oil elevated to the highest possible quality. Quality

ensured thoughout both the traditional cultivation and the careful production. This oil offers an authentic

gourmet delight to the more demanding palates. It can be enjoyed for it’s exceptional quality, offering an

extraordinary smell and taste experience, as well as it’s undoubted health benefits.

The organic extra-pure olive-oil DEORTEGAS are single-variety of

Arbequina , Picual, Cornicabra And a


of (Arbequina, Picual, Cornicabra y Hojiblanca).

The olives are carefully selected and cold pressed. This fact allows their smell and taste properties to be

held and improved. They are 100% natural and 100% organic, with low acidity.

PRIZES 2009 :

Bio – Fach

Ecotrama (Cordoba)

Biol (Italy)

In the Guide of one of 100 best extra virgin olive oil in the world,

Flos Olei 2010 with Picual 85 points


PRIZES 2010.

Bio- fach

Biol ( Italy)

Food from Spain Finalist

Ecotrama (Cordoba)

Gold Prestigious in Terra olivo (Jerusalen-Israel)

Selected again for the guide


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